Just Peel and Blend

In this quest to eat healthy, I’ve realized there are some things that are just not worth the pain and suffering caused to my taste-buds and gag reflex.   Yeah sardines, I’m talking to you.  Today I smugly opened a can of sardines that bragged of Iron, Omega-3s and Calcium on its label.  I took a look, a smell, and then a taste and decided: No, I just can’t do this.  There’s something about fish that has bones and silver skin and looks like a fish that really wigs me out. Gross!

Earlier this week I said to myself, I need to do better, I need to try more veggies, stuff like Kale.  I thought maybe I could learn how to make a healthy veggie smoothie.  Of course, millions have had this idea before me on the Internets, so I sought them out.  The first site I found was a blog by a woman who blends together a series of super-health veggies (including garlic, onion, and jalapeño) and drinks one of these a day.  According to her, the benefits are amazing, but she also needs to choke it down with intermittent gulps of water.  While I applaud her, and would love the benefits provided by this gag-worthy drink, I just can’t commit to that!

Then I found this site that has a 3 fruit/3 veggie smoothie.  It’s very easy and flexible (you can add anything you like).  So I took liberties and made a kind of awesome smoothie.  It had kale, avocado  cucumber, banana, blueberries and strawberries.  I added yoghurt, and almond milk for the liquid and some honey to sweeten it.  Though it looked revolting, it was completely drinkable and almost savoury!  Here’s some of the wholsome ingredients:

Smoothie photo is courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net (my smoothie was camera shy and ugly).



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