More Bento School Lunches

Thank you all for reading my last post about my daughter’s first school lunch!  Since it was well received, you’ve encouraged me to post more on this topic.  So, on her first day of school she came home without her lunch bag or containers.  I’d just gotten nice containers of all different shapes and sizes and I couldn’t use them for her second school lunch.  Aargh!

Anyway, I did pick up a few more supplies for bento lunches.  The first thing I was looking for was those silicone cupcake holders to use as dividers.  This is something I’ve seen on a few bento lunch sites and I really wanted to use them.  I found them at Michaels, but they were outrageously expensive ($16.99).  My sister suggested looking at Walmart, and at first I couldn’t find them there.  They weren’t in the baking/pan section, but in the crafts/cake-decorating section (?!).   So anyway, the exact same ones were $6.99 at Walmart.  They also had some other interesting and inexpensive items in the cake decorating section that I thought might work well for these lunches.

Using my new supplies, I created a couple of healthy and fun lunches (in regular Ziploc containers).  Again I did a wholegrain sandwich with cheese and turkey and cut it out with the heart cutter.  There’s a babybel cheese, cantaloupe and honeydew melon skewers, and edamame beans. All food groups REPRESENT!

In this second one I did cantaloupe and grapes, penguin crackers, a hard boiled egg and meat and cheese skewers.  The skewers aren’t sharp at all, by the way.  They go through food, but wouldn’t go through skin.  Let’s see if Anjie brings home all the little pieces today after school…

Do you have more healthy school lunch ideas?


6 thoughts on “More Bento School Lunches

  1. I love your use of the sillicone muffin wraps as compartments! I am a mom of two girls and have just started a blog myself on getting our family to eat healthier! It is new, but please check it out if you like! 🙂

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