First Lunch for First Day of School

So tomorrow is the big day for Anjie; it’s her first day of school.  While I’m incredibly traumatized by this huge event in her life, I’m also very excited!  One of the big questions that has been plaguing me has been what to pack for her lunch. She has been either with me or in home care for her whole life, meaning she has never had a packed lunch before.  Luckily, I am blessed with the fact that my girl eats almost anything, so I went on a quest over the weekend to find healthy and creative lunch ideas on the Interweb.

Something I’ve always loved is Japanese bento lunches.  The ones Japanese parents make for their kids are true works of art.  Sublimely creative and incredibly healthy,  they use themes and recreate favourite characters from items that are all completely edible.  Someday I would like to do this, but not having the time, tools or artistry to commit to such a thing, I decided to start with very simple versions of these masterpieces.  I found a lovely website, following in my shoes, which offers loads of ingenious ideas for this.  Following her advice, I purchased a few very simple cookie cutters, to at least be able to make some cute shapes for Anjie’s lunch.

Eventually I would like to get more tools and become increasingly more creative with her lunches, but for now I’m just starting with something that is healthy, she likes, and will bring a smile to her face when she opens her lunch container at school.  So here’s what I did for her very first school lunch.

I made a turkey and cheese sandwich on wholegrain bread and then used the bear cookie cutter to cut it into a bear shape.  Then I put in some fresh blueberries from the farmer’s market.  The sides are cucumbers with hummus for dip and yogurt for desert.  Voila!  First school lunch with a little bit of fun.

Do you make Bento lunches for your kids? Do you have healthy packed lunch ideas?


5 thoughts on “First Lunch for First Day of School

  1. I do make Bento style lunches for my twins and have a lot more success with their actually eating since I put the extra 10 minutes into prep. It’s like a little surprise every day, and I think it shows that we should care about the food, and that I care about them and what they put into their bodies. yay!

  2. I don’t have any children but I do make bento for myself and sometimes friends and family, I live in an area where it is near impossible to buy Japanese ingredients so I’ve learnt to use things that are readily available.

    I would just say take your time and start off small, I’ve been making bento for about 8 months and I still haven’t tried making something to complicated 🙂

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