How to build a huge book collection for your kids.

I think books and reading are so important while growing up, so I want to make sure they are ever- present for Anjie.  I had a big bookshelf full of amazing kids books when I was little, and my love of reading continued through my adolescence and into my adulthood.  I still remember how great it was to escape the world with a book, and I hope Anjie will experience that too once she learns to read.  She loves being read to and her storytime is something that still encourages her to get into bed every night.

I used to buy all of her books at Chapters (which is like Barnes & Noble in the US).  We would go there once every couple of weeks, spend some time in the children’s section and then she was allowed to pick out 1 book that was between $5-$10.

A little while ago though a friend introduced me to the book shelf at Value Village.  I’ve never been a garage sale or thrift store shopper.  Used things freak me out.  At the same time, I want Anjie to have a large and vast collection of books without shelling out loads of cash.  Also, so what if it’s used?  Many of the books there are in great condition, and buying used stuff cuts back on our carbon foot print.  Not only that, soon she’ll grow out of them or be interested in different topics and characters.  In the end, these were the reasons that won over my irrational phobia.  Now, instead of choosing 1 book at Chapters, we go to Value Village and she chooses 6 books.  The books there are 99 cents and if you buy 5, you get one free.

These are some of the gems we’ve picked up.

Where do you get your kids books?