Healthy Mac & Cheese from a Box

Fast, Easy & Healthy

Instead of Kraft use Annie’s.  It’s 80% organic, made with real food ingredients and preservative free.  You can also use only half the powdered cheese packet with any boxed macaroni & cheese for less salt and less of the other powdery mystery ingredients.

Add 2 tsps of milled flax seed.  This is a fibre and omega-3 rich superfood.  It will help with constipation and omega-3 is amazing for memory and brain development.  It doesn’t have much flavour, so I sneak it into my daughter’s food whenever possible.  It has to be milled or ground though, otherwise it passes right through.  I got this giant bag at Costco.

Add a side of veggies with hummus as dip.  Humus is a great dip because it adds another veggie: beans.  Anjie likes plain, non-garlicy, non-spicy hummus.

Avoid ketchup (if you can get away with it)! I grew up on ketchup-drenched everything and Anjie loves it too.  We try to skip it with meals like this that she can enjoy without the added sugar.

Do you have any ideas for making easy foods healthy?


5 thoughts on “Healthy Mac & Cheese from a Box

  1. I was just standing in the aisle of whole foods the other day staring at the flax seed and all its various forms and brands…I thought I’d just pick up some and start using at home, but then I got so overwhelmed/confused by all the choices and realized a had no idea what to do with it once I brought it home. But now I do – yay! Thanks for the tip and brand rec.

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