Babycinnos: Cute or Pretentious?

Technically this is a latte, but you can see the marketing potential for kids here. am I right?

If you’re not sick and tired of trendy babyisms like the baby bump and the baby daddy, there’s a newcomer called the babycinno.  The babycinno is a small cup of frothed milk for your toddler that can be ordered alongside your favourite venti-soy-milk-half-fat-skinny-no-whip drink of choice.  Cute: Mama needs a coffee break and a babycinno is a fun way for you to share a cup-a together.  I can buy into a little frothed milk offered free of charge to exhausted-caffeine-cravin’ parents for their sweet little errand-running companions.  Not Cute: marketing coffee to babies (okay this hasn’t quite happened yet), charging over $2 for a cup of frothed milk, or adding a shot of decaffeinated espresso to a baby’s drink (it still contains caffeine!?).

A trend that started in Australia, babycinnos are apparently off-menu items available at every coffee shop Down Under.  Whipped up by bespectacled baristas, they’re coming soon to the pretentious coffee shop near you!  Parents over here in North America (I mean those who aren’t lining up to offer burning-hot-caffeine-containing drinks to babies) are reportedly outraged. I’m not outraged.  Okay, I’m a little outraged that someone has come up with such an absurd name for a little cup of frothed milk.

I really just want to understand this. I think what has happened is things have been lost in translation.  First of all, let’s distinguish between a cup of milk unpaid for and an over-priced-caffeine containing drink for kidults.  Let’s distinguish between taking a coffee break while you’re out with your kid and trying to make them a mini-you with kitten-heels, a gucci purse in one hand and a babbycinno in the other.  The later is the definition of pretentious.  I think this is what the trendy Brooklyn parents have done to it-caffeine for kids is now cool.  Outraged parents are probably just uncool parents.  I’ll bet the celeb babies are all guzzling the stuff  too.  Does Blue Ivy like her breast-milk frothed?


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