The Brony Feminist

Funny story…….so in my last blog about LEGO, I said I’d sign the “Mindless My Little Pony Petitions”, and right after I actually found one!

Someone has created a petition against Hasbro’s My Little Pony: Friendship is magic Talking Princess Celestia!  The creator of the petition says the toy does not look like the character in the show, nor does it represent her accurately- instead of being a wise leader focussed on advocating education, the toy is fixated on appearance and pushes the self-absorbent, narcissistic values of princess-culture.

First of all, I want to point out that I don’t actually have anything against MLP, and in my last blog I just used it as an example to illustrate a point.  In fact, I felt bad after writing that because my friend Robyn read my blog and apologized for getting Anjie a My Little Pony for her Birthday!  Anjie likes My Little Ponies!  Despite the Talking Princess Celestia fail, I think they’re generally harmless and fun.  I used to play with them too, so I like that Anjie enjoys them.

Lauren Faust, story artist from The Powerpuff Girls, co-developed MLP:FIM

I have not really watched much of the show, but apparently it’s a huge phenomenon.  Ever heard of Bronies?  This is a male fan-base obsessed with the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Men in their 20’s and up watch MLP: FIM (cool short-form) regularly and collect MLP figurines to put on their desks at work, school and home.  I try not to scoff at things I just don’t get (like any song or video by LMFAO)-  because that might mean I’m getting old…..but one of the comments under the Talking Princess Celestia Petition was from a Brony proclaiming he wouldn’t want a figurine that was not a true likeness of the character on the show to decorate his shelf.

The Wired blog suggests that Bronies may be (unintentionally) countering the gender socialization of these things as they freely and openly display their desk-shrines to the mini skittle-coloured horsies.   And if they’re actually signing the petition against the toy that does not match the on-screen character…then they’re helping advocate for Women’s Rights (since this is the stated intention of the petition).  Feminists and Bronies unite!!

Today I don’t have any specific opinion except that it would be kinda cool to see boys playing with/watching MLP- maybe their Dad’s are Bronies and they can watch together and play with the figurines.  Then, suddenly and spectacularly, the gender stereotyping of toys will come crashing down and our children will be free!   Bronies, it’s up to you………can you give up Rainbow Dash for a human female?


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